Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Seventy Seven

Each mind has become a governance.
Forehead countries have poured their "two".
The warm-war has become us.
It grew these flowers for you.

#1120One Bird carrying dead Bird same Species probably Mourning

#1121A Karate teacher closing Curtains and Doors so he can tell his life problems to a favorite Student

#1122Explaining plumbing pipes in a Tavern once I was in a world that Nice A pedantic in his old Age too happy to be in second Life

#1123Lifting Napkin of Ice Cubes from warming up Stove Burner

#1124A warm Power Supply powering a Cooling Fan mutually long needing each other's Kissing So Good and Song

#1125Tightening Heat Sink screws down too Hard and Fast throwing CPU pin bending Cautions to the Wind

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