Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Seventy Eight

With an ocean of currents.
So crazy with flaws.
The machine of wishing.
Has the greatest cause.

#1126Pickup Stopped at Phone Pole in Farm Land five Memories of going up with Repair Tools (hoping communications mend)

#1127People who don't paint scare Me non poets scare me Too seven billion performance Artists are arguably more than I can Cue
          I didn't dream this image idea. Ottawa Artist Andrew King twitter-posted a
          photo of a phone booth in this condition from his neighbourhood.

#1128Seeing Impossible Art Installation Happening for real Five seconds Later (governments trying to eradicate all circles)

#1129Mentally ill man who puts his head near Wind Turbine whenever Farmer needs it to Chip Wood

#1130Shabby delivery Man with improvised Shabby mail Truck delivering Shabby imitation Delivery Parcel

#1131Stepping on plastic bag of Warm Water in Bathtub filled with Cold Water as part of Experiment about Finances

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