Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighty

With neutral under dig-it in!
And rise against the clock.
Hampton road must now-await.
The slowest search for sock.

#1138On Cruz Ship chatting with Brother about Passenger you like as you brush her favourite Lounger with Socked Foot

#1139Retired famous singer playing Requests at Old Age Home where no one is familiar with his Songs

#1140At Five watching Father at Workbench tossing Fly on live Spider Web before Me

#1141Ladies man next to Quiet shy brother saying to blind date Woman \

#1142A Teacher Knocking at a Home and asking I'm out of a Job would you accept me by Mail

#1143A Wasp themed window ornament Gift for a Grandmother helping Someone cross a Street getting Applause

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