Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighty Two

Yes I'm inclined to finding her.
The "rose" less-traveled "by".
Look at this. They slayed an ocean.
What chance of love have I.

#1150A Shovel of Humanity's Bubble Gums hardened to it and a pan of Humanity's Saliva

#1151Male passenger on Motorcycle clapping hands twice in front of steering Female and saying to her Faster we're not Men

#1152Person walking in Deep driveway Snow just before the Passenger side of a slow moving Car

#1153Host running away to Kitchen feigning Hulk Transition warning his Party Guests to Leave Now

#1154A child telling his Mother that he is going to Throw Up and he Does

#1155The Very ill Woman who Won her Man by Saying I'll crack you up but I'm Harmless

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