Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighty Five

As soft as being all things at once.
As mean as caring strong.
Where she dreams dichotomy.
There I rest my song.

#1168What we remember sailor Jane Supper-you're-Predicting Hey girl throw the Dice (clear horizon vast ocean)

#1169It's not perfect Science but Numbers are Good for Me and Lake Effect doesn't do That (man exploring tunnels)

#1170Listen to me about our newest Decider that will make the World's greatest Distracted Driver

#1171Pair of Binoculars aiming Upwards (from grocery night) That your fifty-year-old Bag Clerk (needs back to find a wife)

#1172Baseball Attorney (sit back massive feet) We have a Glide on the Floor (who wants to meet)

#1173Setback Nothing but Rivers (alright) Plain you're Up (we're Texaco tonight)

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