Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighty Six

And this is where you'll stay.
I've already set-up-shop.
Restrictive clothing of course.
And Saturday's, full stop.

#1174Following man though Water soaked Lawn to Home Window who then Leaves

#1175Roommate showing how he installed a Cone of Silence made of old Wool over the Toilet

#1176Ok let's see here Fly the Broom to-morning Reveille Through the longest ever learning Tunnel-Glide (to Emily)

#1177Let me think Delivery. Garlic wash your Hands. Priced at Three Quarters. I'm the Man

#1178Sooner or later there's a Whole Flow and You get to Drawer all that Know

#1179Take me Down to the Movies for Inner Tubes and Hush like Judy's yes I Understand

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