Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighty Seven

Or ponder with uncertain chimes.
Rose wake you missed her.
I dreamt I tripped and kissed her.
I tripped a thousand times.

#1180Gold and Yellow and Whittaker sir and not less than a perfect ten Ouch a Friend (the hanging upside down boxer's den)

#1181Try not to Speak rice of America the only way to Go dancers in the blinding Snow (the deep earth anchored nightclub table woes)

#1182Drag me into something. I'd like that holy lighting. Snap the foot back on. That component, again so frighting.

#1183Draw up the important stuff. Milk-bags had their say. There's nothing big to drink in there. Music "heard" about it's day.

#1184Now they're also bright. We're done here. Benny "will" prime real-estate. We haven't gotten any further. That's my "kind" of rain oh-grate.

#1185There's the hand that makes you up. In the event the one page needs. Or doesn't have "conversations". And you go into Men's-Store seas.

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