Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Ffifty Two

Lastly, they don't have any children.
And granny has no "heir".
That's the privilege of "I need you back".
You're taller with "team" white hair.

#1570A Stronger Stretchier Fancier Tornado shaped like a Better Sweater with the words You're Going to Need a Flu Season

#1571A very old Tape Worm with Darkening paper thin Skin on the abandoned Warehouse Floor

#1572A frying pan of water Boiling Over with stovetop Water evaporating Fast

#1573And all the Caves made Tonight. Have Deployed their Mounds by ufo With Three Levels. Lowering itself into Ground

#1574A  beautiful woman Thinking about leaning forward to Kiss

#1575An old but beautiful Diesel Engine whose only Job is to run itself

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