Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Ffifty Seven

Shut up and say it.
I told him he was right.
It strengthens the body.
I definitely know this blight.

#1600Young man Fast Riding a racing Bicycle with two short Jousting sticks on the Handle Bars (being asked why I don't use cannabis)

#1601Discourteous Abrasive Insulting Lady and Blunt Totally Direct No Hanging About Gentleman both sadly looking Towards Loving their Neighbors

#1602Man in Mental Hospital telling Group his Plan is to be a Person making Nurse laugh under her breath as she Studies his Chart

#1603A large stuffed Toy Octopus across the Front edge of a King-size Bed

#1604A musical Jewelry Box left on a empty Highway of seemingly Endless Potholes

#1605Shipyard worker Carefully aligning a Fifty foot Steel Hinge before Welding also seeing Vision of his Wife Baking

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